Admission to collections

The Museum of Post and Telecommunications in Wroclaw collects collections related to the activity and history of post and telecommunications in Poland. The objects are obtained through gifts, purchases, remittances and testamentary records.

If you are interested in transferring the object to the Museum, please send an offer (a template to be downloaded)

  • in writing to the following address: Muzeum Poczty i Telekomunikacji in Wrocław, ul. Z. Krasińskiego 1, 50-954 Wrocław
  • in electronic form in the form of a scan with the bidder’s signature to the address:
  • delivery in person to the Museum headquarters

Offered objects can also be brought to the Museum in person, then they will be accepted on the basis of the Protocol of acceptance / return of the object (template to be downloaded) and submitted for consideration.

The submitted offer is forwarded to the collection manager for advice. After a positive opinion, the offer is considered at the meeting of the Committee for Acquisition of Museums, which meets several times a year as needed.

The bidder’s secretary is notified by the secretary of the Purchasing Commission by phone or email about the date of consideration of the offer.

After the offer has been approved by the Commission, an appropriate gift, purchase or transfer agreement will be prepared, and the bill will also be purchased if the purchase is made. The museum does not accept all offered facilities. Facilities not qualified for the harvest are returned to the bidder based on the acceptance / return report of the facility.