Museum services

Price-list of services

in the Museum of Post and Telecommunications in Wroclaw

§ 1

General rules for the provision of services

  1. The Museum of Post and Telecommunications in Wroclaw provides services against payment in accordance with the prices listed in the Price List of Services.
  2. The services referred to in point 1 are performed on the basis of a written order containing:
    1. personal data of the ordering party,
    2. an obligation to pay costs related to the service,
    3. an indication of the museum objects covered by the service and the type of service specified in the Service Price List,
    4. technical requirements,
    5. providing the purpose of using the objects: commercial or non-commercial research, scientific or educational (in the case of publication, specify the amount of circulation).
  3. The order is made on a form, whose model is an integral part of the Price List.
  4. The order should be submitted:
    1. in the Secretariat of the Museum,
    2. by mail, by regular mail, to the Museum’s address or by e-mail to the following address (e-mail):

§ 2

Payment rules and costs of services

  1. The payment for the service is settled by transfer to the indicated bank account or in cash at the Museum’s box office.
  2. The acceptance of the subject of the service by the Principal follows the confirmation of payment of the full fee for the service performed on the date agreed with the Ordering Party. The client incurs additional costs related to the service, such as: shipping costs, bank charges, etc.
  3. In case of requesting a pre-payment, an initial payment of 30 PLN is paid, which is counted towards the service receivable, however, if the result of the query is negative or the client resigns from the service after its commencement, the initial payment is equivalent to the work done and not It is refundable.
  4. The cost of queries does not include the cost of making copies of selected materials. The Museum Director in individual cases may grant discounts or waive them.


Prices of museum lessons and other educational offers are provided on the website in the “Educational offer” tab


The prices of admission tickets and guided visitors are provided on the Museum’s website in the “For visitors” bookmark

  1. a fee for making the facility available in the amount of PLN 10 (gross) is added to the price
  2. a fee for making the facility available in the amount of PLN 20 (gross) is added to the price
  3. photographing by visitors during the exposition of the exhibition is free, however, it may be subject to restrictions due to conservation reasons (eg turning off flashing lamps), security and protection of collections (prohibition of shooting alarm installations) or due to the content of the agreement concluded with the lender collections (e.g. . Photography prohibited).