The library has a rich collection of books built on the basis of the former General Library of the Directorate of the Post Office of the Kingdom of Poland. Currently, it consists of Polish and foreign literature in the field of philately and history of post and telecommunications, official departmental publications, Polish and foreign magazines and catalogs, encyclopedias, dictionaries as well as antique books and manuscripts.

A small collection of 47 volumes deserving mention deserves recognition. There are exceptionally valuable items, including: “Kürzer Bericht wegen Einrichtung der Posten” from 1680, containing a report on the activities of the Royal Polish Post Office in Gdańsk and between 1661-1680 and “Il Buratino Veredico […]” – Italian XVII An eternal guidebook on the distribution of letter and personal mail in Europe, published in Rome in 1684. It is equipped with a six-language dictionary, including Polish, of the words and phrases most used during the journey.

Most of the Polish old prints come from the eighteenth century. They are inventories made up of referees of laws, statutes, as well as constitutions of the Crown and Lithuanian, including postal regulations.

Among the nineteenth century prints there is a large collection of Polish calendars containing information about communication and post offices, among others political calendars with tables of postal routes and postal connections, and the Kingdom of Poland and the Russian Empire.

Interested persons can use the book collection in the reading room, where they have at their disposal the author’s catalog, title and factual.