February 15, 1919

The Ministry of Posts and Telegraphs of the Republic of Poland issues a proclamation that initiates a nationwide campaign to collect souvenirs related to mail, telegraph and telephone. The yield of this action becomes the germ of the collections of the future post museum.

January 25, 1921

A Postal and Telegraphic Museum is created, inscribed in the organizational structure of the post office and telegraphs. Its headquarters are located in the building of the Main Post Office in Warsaw at Plac Napoleona 8 (currently Plac Powstańców Warszawy).

1921 – beginning of 1928

In the Museum, which is closed to the public due to inadequate housing conditions, work is carried out in the area of ​​collecting collections and preparing permanent exhibitions. Museum collections represent the Polish postal administration at prestigious philatelic exhibitions at home and abroad.

March 25, 1928

Museum exhibitions are made available to visitors twice a week, in the new branch office at ul. Wierzbowa 11.


The museum changes its name to the Museum of Post and Telecommunications, which since then has been located in the building of the Telecommunications Office at ul. Poznańska 29 – one of the largest public utility buildings of pre-war Warsaw.

July 22, 1940

By virtue of the decision of the Nazi occupation authorities, the Museum is closed, and most of its collections were taken to the Reich.

March 26, 1945

After the resumption of activity, the main task of the facility is to rebuild the pre-war museum resource. Cooperation with the Office of Reclamation and War Compensation leads to the recovery of most of the exhibits lost during the occupation.

June 26, 1946

After organizing museum rooms and preparing new exhibitions, the Museum provides its collections to the public, and participates in international philatelic exhibitions

April 21, 1951

The museum is closed by decisions of state authorities.

May 1955

Wroclaw postalists, coming from the Vilnius and Lviv postal environment, are very interested in organizing a postal museum in the capital of Lower Silesia. The museum receives the premises in the historic building of the Main Post Office in Wrocław at ul. Z. Krasińskiego 1, where his headquarters is still present.

1955 – 1956

The organizers of the Wroclaw postal museum accept and register museum collections successively imported from Warsaw to Wrocław and prepare permanent exhibitions for the public.

February 4, 1956

The Museum of Post and Telecommunications in Wroclaw is formally established.

December 12, 1956

The opening ceremony of the Museum inaugurates the availability of this facility for the public from 16 December 1956.

September 1, 1979

The Museum launches its branch in Gdańsk, whose tasks include commemorating the historical development of post and telecommunications in Gdańsk, with particular emphasis on Polska Poczta in the Free City of Gdańsk.


The museum joins the International Association of Transport Museums (IATM) and the International Council of Museums (ICOM).

January 1, 1999

As a result of the administrative reform of the state, the Museum of Posts and Telecommunications is separated from the ministry of communication and subordinated to the Self-Government of the Lower Silesian Voivodship, maintaining a nationwide range of activity.

January 1, 2003

The Gdańsk branch of the Wrocław Post and Telecommunications Museum becomes a branch of the Historical Museum of the City of Gdańsk, which from then on bears the name of the Museum of Polish Post in Gdańsk.